Proper Guide Of Wearing Corkscrew Nose Ring

We are living in a world, where the beauty and personality of the person undoubtedly provide them a number of opportunities. Jewelry is the option to add few stars to the beauty, especially when it comes to the females. Nose ring has a wide part in the jewelry; corkscrew nose ring is the one which is highly demanded. They are basically the small studs that are proper to fit flush up against the side of the nose. Generally, the post of it is twisted which resembles corkscrew and don’t let it slip out. Inserting is it nose is quite tricky, so in order to help you out explaining you each and every step.

Steps to follow
Step 1
The individual generally needs to wait for two to three months as the nostril piercing take this much time to heal properly. Changing the ring before it can cause serious as the whole can close imminently.
Step 2
Well, we all have come through various cases where the individual faced nose infections. It is better to wash the hand before you change the nose ring in order to grab the safe side.
Step 3
Mix the one-fourth spoon of the sea salt with 8 ounces of water. Grab the cotton ball, stud and soak it in the mixture as it will disinfect it.
Step 4
The cotton ball you soaked in the solution, take it out and swipe around the surface of piercing in order to remove the crusted discharge from that area. It will let the old stud to get out smoothly.
Step 5
Go for pinching the ball of the stud and gently twist it in the counter-clockwise motion, it will lead to gently remove it from the hole.
Step 6
Insert the tip of new corkscrew stud from the outer opening of the nose and use opposite hand to finger locating the back of hole. It will help you to guide stud through hole. Push the ring in hole and twist it in clockwise direction and you are all set with new corkscrew ring.

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